A tabletop role-playing game of samurai, spirits, and Japanese folklore.

Travel the lands of Nippon resolving the conflicts of tumultuous times—in an age strained by the collision of spirit and mortal cultures. Humanity is learning that they share their world with creatures and beings beyond their understanding. How will you approach the conflicts ahead? Will you use the passionate speech of diplomats, the honed blades of warriors, or the mystical rituals of sorcerers? Perhaps you will use a combination of all three? Or through diligent investigation and careful application of knowledge, will you find a solution that’s uniquely your own?

An original system

Mysteries of the Yokai is built with a unique rules system that rewards players for choosing their own way to resolve conflicts. Are you the type to talk your way out of a fight? Would you stake the fate of the world on a game of Shogi? Or are you the old fashioned type who lets the katana do the talking? You can easily adjudicate all of these types of battles with our morale-based conflict system.


Fox Witch

Sophisticated character creation

Use pre-defined packages of abilities called Katas to create archetypal characters quickly and customize them with the point system. Or let your imagination run wild and build completely unique characters from the ground up.


Flexible cooperative conflict system

The morale-based conflict system means any conflict can be resolved using the same rules as combat. Instead of tracking the “health” of an individual character in conflict, Mysteries of the Yokai tracks the progress of each “side” toward victory.

Stone Demon

Supernatural conflict

Outsmart tricky Tanuki, battle man-eating Oni and exorcise vengeful spirits. Players take on the role of wandering heroes who posses the ability to deal with the supernatural. These adventurers seek to protect humans and spirits both from each other and from themselves.



Baku Zori

Mythical ancient Japan

Mysteries of the Yokai is set in a time when the worlds of spirits and humans are colliding. You may notice some similarities between Mysteries of the Yokai and other works that have explored the storytelling traditions of Japan such as Princess Mononoke, Mushi-shi, Inu Yasha, Dororo, and Avatar: Legend of Korra.

Bureau Agent


Study strange occurrences and unravel mysteries in your quest for the truth. While some Yokai are master tricksters, don’t underestimate the treachery and deceptions that humans are capable of.


Mystical abilities

Harness the power of Ki and practice the mystical traditions of ancient Japan. Commune with kami to gain divine knowledge, tap into your latent Yokai abilities, and manipulate the energy of the natural world